Whatever your auditing requirements, we have a tried-and-tested methodology designed to guarantee the quality and consistency of our work:

  • A dedicated consultant
  • A preliminary meeting to discuss your practices, your sector and your objectives
  • A detailed analysis of your current practices to identify areas for improvement
  • A follow-up meeting including a detailed presentation of the results
  • Recommendations, with an operational action strategy and feasibility study
  • A service which is independent of the technologies that you use.


Is improving the quality of your database and your marketing performance a major priority for your business? Dolist’s consultants can conduct an in-depth analysis of your data and how you manage it:

  • Data collection methods and sources
  • Data centralisation and standardisation
  • Level of detail in your contact files
  • Assessing potential for customer insight
  • Contact scoring and segmentation


Are you concerned about your reputation as a sender? Have the delivery rates of your email campaigns taken a hit? Our team can help you achieve a better understanding of the problems you may be experiencing:

  • Assessment of all deliverability indicators
  • Review of your infrastructure and delivery configuration
  • Analysis of previous campaigns
  • Focus on your messaging practices and their compatibility with current best practices.


Want to get more out of your email campaigns? All-round performance effective relationships, customer satisfaction… Dolist can help you to optimise all aspects of your email channel, opening up new development opportunities.

  • Assessment of your database and collection methods
  • Analysis of your marketing and transactional emails, and delivery statistics
  • Reviewing your performance statistics and behavioural data
  • Evaluation of your follow-up and performance measurement practices.


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For the purposes of customer relationship management, we retain personal data not more than 3 years following our latest interaction with you.
You have the right to access, correct, oppose and delete any data concerning you personally. To exercise these rights, contact us by email or write to our data processing managers, specifying your email address: Dolist - Jean-Paul LIEUX et Denis OLIVIER - 6 avenue Henry Le Châtelier 33700 Mérignac - FRANCE. We will undertake to respond to your request within a maximum of one month.
If you feel that your rights have been violated, or if we should fail to respond, you are entitled to submit a complaint to the CNIL. CNIL Declaration N°1276250.