Improve your email marketing performances by optimizing your content and design

Do you want to make your email messages, more attractive, more distinctive, more engaging? Do you need to develop a more creative, more customer-centric, more personal approach? Download our white paper dedicated to the Art of Messaging and discover the 3 golden rules for creating engaging, effective messages.

Tips for designing engaging and effective messages

Standing out, involving and listening to your readers, using emotion, entertainment and humour before you even start thinking about pushing sales…Each message, whether it be e-mail, SMS or other address channels, should be an opportunity for you to thrill your targets to engage them more strongly and sustainably.

Discover the latest trends in email marketing and our top messaging tips to boost your marketing campaigns.

In this white paper “The Art Of Messaging”

Make an impact: spice up your email messages

  • Email Design: the psychology of colours, forms and images…
  • Ergonomics: crucial to the efficacy of your messages
  • Mobility and multiple devices: Responsive Design is fast becoming the norm
  • Using Motion Design to boost your content strategy

Enhance the customer experience with engaging content

  • Content Marketing: a key pillar of your messaging strategy
  • Dynamic & real-time personalisation: target your customers with unprecedented precision!
  • Storytelling: keep your readers hooked with a good story

Optimise transformation from your messages 

  • The secrets of the AIDA method
  • Calls-to-action can boost conversion
  • Effective landing pages to boost conversion
  • Testing and measuring for better performance

Donwload the white paper The Art of Email marketing

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