This Cookie Management Charter is aimed at users of the website (hereafter referred to as the ‘WEBSITE’), i.e. all persons who access and browse this WEBSITE.
By browsing this WEBSITE, you agree that the cookies described hereunder may be stored on your device in accordance with the provisions of this Cookie Management Charter.

Who is collecting my data?

The entity responsible for handling all user data collected via the WEBSITE is the company EMAIL MARKETING (hereafter referred to as ‘DOLIST’):

Share capital 256,224 Euros
Legal form Simplified joint-stock company
RCS Bordeaux – 432 711 521
EU VAT code FR 654 327 115 21
HQ Address 6 avenue Henry Le Châtelier 33700 MÉRIGNAC
Legal Representative Société DIGITALMOON

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on the hard drive of your device when you visit a website.
It records certain information on your web browsing or online behaviour, which allows us to improve and facilitate your browsing experience.

What are cookies used for?

The WEBSITE uses cookies to identify web users, in order to improve the browsing experience and the services on offer.
In practice, cookies also allow us to verify your identity and may also be used to record your preferences or measure the way you use our WEBSITE.

Cookies on our website, and their purpose

DOLIST is committed to transparency in data handling.
As such, and in order to ensure that our policy is as clear as possible, the table below contains a list of all of the cookies found on our WEBSITE and their purpose:

1. Third-party cookies

When you visit our WEBSITE, it is possible that partner businesses will store cookies on your device.
The use of these cookies is subject to the same restrictions regarding the protection of personal data set out in Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and Council dated 24th October 1995 (hereafter the ‘DIRECTIVE’).
You can disable third-party cookies in the settings of your internet browser. They include:


These cookies are used by advertising partners on the WEBSITE. The cookies contained in these advertisements are designed to provide information and statistics on their pertinence and distribution (number of users clicking on the ad, number of times it appears etc.).

i. Google

Name of cookie Purpose of cookie
'Google Analytics' Cookies These cookies, described in detail at, allow for the collection of anonymised information and statistical reports on the usage of the WEBSITE, without you being personally identified by Google.
_ga Used to identify visitors to the website.
_gat_UA-976288-6 Used to improve request processing times.
_gat_UA-976288-29 Used to improve request processing times.
__utma Used to identify users and sessions. This cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.
__utmt Used to improve request processing times.
__utmb Used to identify new visits / sessions on the site. This cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.
__utmc Used with cookie __utmb to determine whether or not users have visited the site previously.
__utmz Records the source of the traffic, i.e. the origin of the visit. This cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.
_eventqueue Records a series of mouse actions which are not necessarily monitored until you have left the page. These actions may be processed while you load the next page.
_first_pageview Session cookie created for the first page displayed on each visit. Displays certain elements of the code from the first time the page was displayed, speeding up the site.
'Google Pref' Cookies These cookies are stored and read on your computer whenever you access a Google service in non-authenticated or authenticated mode. They contain certain information (one or two unique identifiers, a creation and modification date, an unforgeable signature, user preferences such as language settings, number of results to be displayed per page etc.) and are used to collect data on subjects such as your interactions with Google services (search terms, pages viewed, links clicked etc.) and your visits to websites which are not covered by the Google domain name but use Google services (widget +1)
PREF Allows Google to remember web users' preferences and other information such as language settings, number of search results per page and whether or not the user wishes to activate the Google SafeSearch function.
'Google NID' Cookies Like 'PREF' cookies, 'NID' cookies are stored and read on your computer whenever you access a Google service in non-authenticated mode. They contain certain information (including a unique identifier for each web browser) and allow Google to collect the same information collected using the 'Pref.' cookies.
NID Used for advertising on sites other than Google.

Default status: Cookies enabled | Disable cookies


Name of cookie Purpose of cookie
__atuvc Functional cookie which measures how many times visitors used the Addthis sharing services.
__atuvs Functional cookie which measures how many times visitors used the Addthis sharing services.
uid Unique identifier assigned to each user.
bt Modelling user interests.
di / dt / di2 Maintenance cookies used to manage the expiry dates of other cookies.
loc Geolocation cookie giving the approximate positioning of web users sharing information.
ssh / sshs Used to optimise user sharing settings.
ssc / psc / uvc / xtc Record sharing details and social activities.
uit Used to record connection time.

Default status: Cookies enabled | Disable cookies

iii. Tarteaucitron

Name of cookie Purpose of cookie
Tarteaucitron Records preferences regarding acceptance / refusal of cookies.

Default setting: cookies enabled

iv. WPML plugin

Name of cookie Purpose of cookie
_icl_current_language Preserves the web browser's default language settings.

Default setting: cookies enabled


The majority of pages on our WEBSITE contain applications allowing users to share the content of our WEBSITE with other people in real time. This includes the ‘Share’ or ‘Tweet’ buttons connected to social media.

i. The ‘Like’ button and other Facebook extensions

The WEBSITE incorporates social extensions from Facebook. These are mini-programmes which collate information regarding users connected to Facebook ( operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA). The various social extensions used by Facebook can be consulted at the following URL:

If a web user is connected to Facebook before visiting our WEBSITE, the browser will establish a connection with Facebook’s server and apply data from the user’s Facebook account to the WEBSITE. Facebook will simultaneously receive information regarding the user’s visit to the website and the pages consulted.

If the user activates a Facebook social extension via the WEBSITE, the information gathered will be transmitted and processed by Facebook. The exact nature of this processing is specified in the ‘Facebook data policy’.
In this respect, it should be understood that DOLIST has no involvement in the way Facebook handles data.

ii. ‘Tweet’ button and other social plugins from Twitter

Buttons from Pinterest social plugins (including the ‘Tweet’ button) are linked to the WEBSITE. These are mini-programmes run by Twitter ( property of Twitter Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900-San Francisco, CA 94103USA).
Via these social plugins, Twitter is informed each time the user visits one of the web pages on this WEBSITE.
We advise web users who do not wish to share their data in this manner to disconnect from Twitter before visiting our WEBSITE.
The purposes of this data collection, its different fields of application, the handling and subsequent use of this data by twitter and users’ rights and options for adjusting their privacy settings are all covered in the ‘Conditions’ and ‘Confidentiality’ sections of the website

iii. Other social networks (LinkedIn, Viadeo)

Users should bear in mind that all social networks can identify them and track their navigation via these buttons, even if they do not click on them, as long as they have a session on the corresponding network already open in the same web browser.
Each social network has its own data protection policy, and DOLIST has no control over the use of cookies and other tracking technologies used by third parties.
We encourage users to seek further information from these social networks, and find out more about available privacy and confidentiality settings.

Installing cookies: it’s your choice

On computers, smartphones and other internet-enabled devices, the default setting of your web browser will be to accept the cookies found on websites.
Nevertheless, you retain control over cookies and you have the option of changing your browser settings to:

  • accept or refuse cookies from our SITE
  • systematically block all cookies
  • ensure that your consent is requested for all cookies encountered while you browse the internet.

To do this, simply follow the instructions and adjust the settings in your web browsers. For example:

  • In Internet Explorer™: in the menu Tools ► Internet Options ► Confidentiality ► Select your preferred level
  • In Firefox™: in the menu Tools ► Options ► Privacy ► Select your preferred options
  • In Chrome™: configuration menu (settings button) ► Settings ► Advanced Settings ► Content Settings ► Select your options
  • In Opera™: Tools menu ► Preferences ► Advanced ► Cookies ► Manage cookies ► Select your options

As mentioned above, please bear in mind that if you choose to block our cookies then your browsing experience on our WEBSITE and/or the use of certain functions may be slightly affected.

Your consent

By using our WEBSITE, you give DOLIST permission to install “technical” cookies which access, record and consult information stored in your device:

  • the sole purpose of these cookies is to enable or facilitate electronic communication;
  • they are strictly necessary to provide the online communication service offered by our WEBSITE.

When signing up to our WEBSITE, users are informed (cf. pop-up banner) of the presence of tracking cookies intended primarily to offer services corresponding to their interests and to record visitor statistics. You have the option of refusing these cookies via this Cookie Management Charter.

Your right to access, delete and contest information

As with other personal information, you can exercise your right to access, delete and contest this data by sending an email request to or else by sending a letter to DOLIST’s company headquarters with the subject PERSONAL DATA and proof of your identity.
If your web browser allows it, you may also disable cookies at any time by following the procedures outlined above.

Data retention period

In any case, the cookies stored on your device and any other elements used to identify you for statistical or technical purposes will be stored only as long as they are relevant for these processes and no longer than thirteen (13) months. This expiry date is not automatically extended when you visit the SITE again.
Beyond this time limit, raw browsing data associated with identified users is either deleted or anonymised.