Do you need to guarantee the safety of the personal data you collect, allowing you to conduct high-quality marketing operations with complete confidence? Take all necessary precautions to “prevent data being distorted or damaged, or accessed by unauthorised third parties” (Art. 34 of the Law on Information Technologies and Civil Liberties).

  • Establish a general information security policy, with technologies and processes audited and optimised by cybersecurity specialists in compliance with the ISO-27002:2013 standard.
  • Secure tools equipped with unique user authentication technology and advanced management of data access rights.
  • Functions allowing users to access, modify and delete personal data, as well as recording the origin and date of information.
  • Internal directives and processes for secure file sharing.


Do you need to (re)build trust with your contacts in order to form effective, long-term relationships? With web users becoming increasingly wary about the way their personal data is used, establish an atmosphere of trust with a strong ethical stance.

  • Ensure that users give their consent, and that the data collected is pertinent and used transparently
  • Guarantee that data is treated respectfully, and make sure that users receive rewards which coincide with their interests
  • Bespoke messages for the different points in your relationship with users

Above and beyond the boundaries established by the law, respecting the personal data of your contacts is a crucial obligation for brands seeking to optimise the profitability and performance of their digital campaigns.


Do you want to be sure that your marketing practices continue to respect all applicable laws? Conduct a review of the way you handle personal data!

  • Contacts agree to receive marketing messages, and consent to data collection
  • Data files declared with the relevant national watchdogs, in compliance with the laws which apply in the countries targeted by your campaigns
  • Contacts’ right to access, modify and delete personal information is respected
  • Time for which data can be kept

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