Do you need to collate and use data scattered across different applications, in order to optimise the quality of your marketing campaigns? Synchronise your information systems!

  • Improve your customer insight with standardised, up-to-date information which is accessible for all of your applications.
  • Set up automatic communication protocols based on your contacts’ behaviour.
  • Personalise the content of your messages for different recipients.

ERP, CRM, online retail platforms, online payment systems and more: Dolist has connectors and APIs designed to continuously and securely synchronise your various tools with our technologies.


Are you looking to develop a customer-centric approach and enhance customer relations? Centralise and organise your information in a Datamart, in order to create the optimal user experience.

  • Connect the dots between your clients’ actions on multiple channels, for precise analysis of their behaviour and loyalty status.
  • Send out personalised deals at just the right moment, via the most appropriate channel.
  • Automate your campaigns using pre-programmed scenarios.

Your data will be securely formatted and standardised, for intelligent segmentation and analysis. You can then make full use of this data, seizing the opportunities which crop up over the customer life cycle and steering the journey of your contacts across all online and offline channels.

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