Do you need to improve the quality of your database to bolster your marketing performance? Optimise your data gathering methods for more engaged contacts, getting the most out of your marketing budget.

  • Organic collection via the sources which bring in the biggest audience, avoiding expensive channels which pose a risk to your sending reputation and brand image
  • Data gathering forms which can be displayed in multiple formats (websites, social networks, blogs, personalised pop-ins etc.) and work on all devices (computer, mobile or tablet).
  • Opt-in contact subscription, ensuring explicit consent
  • Double opt-in to ensure that the email address provided is valid (confirmation message sent to the address)


Do you want to identify and get to know the different types of contacts in your address book? Use all available online and offline channels to collect information and transform visitors into confirmed contacts.

  • Identifying all opportunities to harvest contacts: online resources, mobile apps, retail outlets, social networks, events etc.
  • Incentives to sign up: loyalty schemes, competitions, surveys, downloads etc.
  • Collection mechanisms: forms optimised for mobiles, point-of-sale terminals, mobile terminals, check-outs etc.

Don’t let those contacts get away! Whatever the point of contact, identify your customers, recruit them into your relational programmes and earn their loyalty.


Do you want to send targeted, personalised messages which match your contacts’ interests? Flesh out your files with information on your contacts’ preferences and buying behaviour.

  • Expand your database with all of the information you need to better understand your customers (buying habits, website page visits, email address etc.)
  • Data collection forms with dedicated sections for further details
  • Online preference management, allowing contacts to handle their subscriptions, expectations and the rate at which they receive messages
  • More differentiating information from surveys and competitions

A more detailed database is the key to effective analysis and segmentation. Identify opportunities to target contacts, and make sure the right message reaches the right person.

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