Do you want to get a clearer view of your customers’ opinion on your products/services, or the things which interest your contacts? Boost your customer insight and obtain more feedback, making your marketing operations more relevant.

  • Measure customer satisfaction using one-off or recurring surveys
  • Add more detail to your contact files (and keep your contacts involved) using competitions
  • Take care of your contacts via a dedicated user space, which also makes it easier for you to gather useful information on your customers

Each and every interaction is an opportunity to expand your insight. Building up a wealth of detailed, recent data enables you to use more advanced methods of analysis, and steer your marketing actions accordingly.


Do you need to target your campaigns more precisely in order to make them more efficient? Before embarking upon complex data analysis operations, segment your contacts on the basis of their behaviour and profiles.

  • Mark your contacts with useful relationship data: status (customer, potential customer etc.), origin (organic acquisition, third-party etc.), geographical location, nearest point of sale etc.
  • Improve your understanding of your contacts’ behaviour: purchases (channel, value, products etc.), response to your messages (reactions, favourite themes etc.), browsing on your site (products consulted, time spent, forms completed etc.).
  • Use the information at your disposal to target your messages, for more personalised interactions and more effective campaigns.


Do you want to increase the response rate of your contacts using more personalised communications based on their current and future behaviour? Unleash the potential contained in your database, with effective algorithms and scoring systems.

  • Divide your customers into different ‘segments’ based on their buying behaviour, identifying your most faithful clients and brand ambassadors
  • Identify the most responsive customers (and those with the potential to become more responsive), as well as those who are losing interest in your brand or unsubscribing from your emails.
  • Identify the right topics and the right moments to connect with your contacts

Advanced data analysis is a reliable way of targeting your marketing operations, with one key goal in mind: boosting the ROI of your marketing efforts and generating more revenue for you.

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