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The website is owned and published by EMAIL MARKETING (the commercial name of Dolist), a simplified joint-stock company, represented by DIGITALMOON SAS, President.

Dolist is a company:

  • with a capital of 284,641 Euros
  • listed on the Companies & Commerce Register of Bordeaux under No. 432 711 521
  • whose headquarters are located at 6 Avenue Henry Le Châtelier, 33700 MÉRIGNAC, France
  • whose intra-community VAT No. is FR 654 327 115 21, SIREN No. is 432 711 521 and APE code is 6201 Z
  • whose CNIL Declaration (National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties) is No. 1028443
  • whose email address is and telephone number is (+33) 05 57 26 25 70.

The director of publication of the website is Jean-Paul LIEUX, Associate Director of Dolist.

The design, creation, construction and hosting of the website are handled by the company WSB:

  • whose website can be found at
  • whose headquarters are located at 4 rue Esprit des Lois, 33000 Bordeaux and 8 avenue Mac-Mahon, 75017 Paris
  • and whose telephone number is (+33) 05 57 35 30 62

Contacting Us

For all information requests or remarks concerning the content of our website, please contact us by:

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  • post at the following address: 6 Avenue Henry Le Châtelier, 33700 MÉRIGNAC, France
  • telephone on (+33) 05 57 26 25 70.

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Data Protection Act

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