Do you want to fine-tune your messages to maximise the impact of your marketing campaigns? Save time and boost efficiency with A/B optimisation testing.

  • Test different versions of the same message on a group of sample contacts, and use the results to optimise your marketing practices
  • Measure the impact of changing one or more features of your message: sending details (subject line, sender address, sender name) or message variables (content, layout, design, calls to action etc.).
  • See how your contacts react to these changes
  • Select the most effective version and boost your results.


Do you need to analyse the performance of your operations? Go beyond the usual indicators and measure your actual return on investment.

  • Analyse the behaviour of your contacts in response to your emails, and track the way they browse your site
  • Precisely analyse the impact of a campaign on your website traffic and sales (visits, interests, conversion rate etc.)
  • Identify the most attractive content in your emails and precisely measure your ROI
  • Use this data to refine your segmentation strategy and make your marketing operations more relevant
  • Create a workable dashboard allowing you to track your performances in real time.

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