Do you want to boost the brand engagement of your customers and prospects, and generate more revenue? Use Trigger Marketing to deliver automated messages at just the right moment in the customer life cycle.

  • Get your relationship off to a good start with welcome messages.
  • Build a relationship throughout the customer life cycle, with personalised messages adapted to each contact’s needs and interests.
  • Plan ahead for a drop-off in customer interest levels, with targeted offers to bring them back to your website.
  • Use reminder operations to make sure that inactive customers don’t disappear completely.


Do you want to react instantly to the actions of your contacts, with super-specific messages? Use transactional messages to reach out to your contacts with automated, personalised, emails.

  • Expand the purchasing process with order confirmation messages, online receipts, delivery notifications, post-purchase feedback etc. A chance to demonstrate your professionalism.
  • React automatically when your contacts fill in a form, sign up to a newsletter, change their minds about a purchase, visit a store, click on an email etc.
  • Increase your sales by incorporating automated, personalised offers into your emails, based on the information you have about your contacts.


Do you want to offer customers a cohesive experience across your online and offline stores? Take the 360° approach to enhancing your customer insight and boosting brand loyalty at every stage of the customer life cycle, across all available channels.

  • Join the dots between your customers’ actions (purchases, store visits, web visits, responses to emails etc.) and centralise this information in a single Datamart in order to analyse their behaviour
  • Create automated relationship marketing messages and reach out to your contacts via their preferred channels, online or offline
  • Increase ROI and average spend with personalised special offers and recommended products, based on your customers’ previous purchases and behaviour.


Do you want to save time and optimise your event-based actions? Ensure that the RSVP and information process is smooth and professional with automated management of your event scenario.

  • Promote your event and manage the sign-up process with an optimised, centralised online procedure
  • Track sign-ups in real time and send automatic confirmation messages which promote the brand image of your event
  • Send out reminders to contacts, confirming their attendance or sending out practical information via email or SMS
  • Keep in touch after the event with suitable thank you messages.

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