As each internet service provider (ISP) has its own methods and criteria when it comes to sorting emails, Dolist works in partnership with them all. We also work hand-in-hand with national and international bodies working to combat spam and ensure that legitimate emails reach their intended recipients:

  • As a member of the SNCD (Frances Direct Communication Syndicate), Dolist abides by the organisation’s code of email ethics
  • We also work closely with Signal Spam: any message reported to this agency is forwarded to Dolist, so that we can discuss the matter with the advertiser concerned
  • Dolist is a member of M3AAWG (the Messaging Malware Mobile Anti Abuse Working Group), an international anti-spam organisation backed by the world’s leading internet operators. Its goals: to guarantee the safe circulation of information on the internet, and protect web users from spam, identity theft etc.
  • We also have a permanent partnership with Yahoo Inc., responding in real-time to complaints from web users via the Return Path platform
  • We work hand-in-hand with various ISPs (, AOL etc.) to recover all available feedback loops and tailor our technical solutions to the requirements of each system.


Faced with the increasing volume of spam, and the ensuing technical constraints, deliverability is a constantly-evolving issue. With our Deliverability Pack and OPERA technology, Dolist offers a range of technical solutions:

  • Authentication standards to guarantee the credibility and deliverability of emails (SPF, DKIM, DMARC…)
  • Personalised tracking URLs to capitalise on the reputation of your domain name
  • Standardising your domain name in all areas of the email
  • A pool of dedicated IP addresses to reassure ISPs of the advertiser’s professional transparency
  • Real-time monitoring of domain names and IP addresses added to black lists
  • Automatic adjustment of delivery frequencies so as not to exceed the quantities accepted by ISPs, voluntarily limiting mass email dispatches
  • Real-time handling of spam complaints
  • Automatic removal of incorrect addresses.


Deliverability issues cannot always be attributed to ISPs or email filters. Deliverability also depends on the sender respecting and applying the best practices of email marketing: explicit consent from contacts, message layout, HTML quality, segmentation etc. Dolist works to inform and assist clients in these matters.

  • Accreditation policy
  • Constant supervision of file uploads and campaign dispatching
  • Numerous tools and services for optimising campaigns and maximising their impact: analysis of routing conditions, HTML optimisation, spell checking, deliverability tests, adjusting routing parameters etc.
  • Advice and support to help you assess the quality of your marketing campaigns and make them more effective
  • Our specialist blog ‘Engage!’ is full of tips on how to optimise the deliverability of your messages, and we have published numerous white papers on best practices in email marketing
  • A regular stream of information via our newsletters, web-seminars and conferences.

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