Engage & build loyalty with your marketing contacts

Dolist offers a range of technological solutions and services dedicated to the challenges posed by Email, SMS and Data Marketing.

Routing and digital message design technologies, strategic consulting, operational support, graphic studio… all of our services aim to display, optimise and reveal the potential of your data and messages.

Our mission: to help you engage your customers for the long term to boost your ROI.

Engage and build loyalty with your marketing contacts

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Dolist in numbers equals to...


5 offices
in France & in Spain


75 passionate


20 years
of existence


+ 800 customers
from all sectors

Our aim: Transform your data into Marketing ROI

Marketing Data Cycle

Optimise your contact collection with a qualifying, omnichannel and ethical approach to increase the quality and commitment of your customers and prospects.

The centralisation of your data is a prerequisite for the implementation of customer-oriented marketing actions and of customer loyalty programmes.

Segmentation, profiling, scoring, qualification… Develop your knowledge regarding your customers to create differentiating marketing campaigns. 

Base your decisions on hard facts, tests and observed results to guide your marketing campaigns and your international strategy.

Customisation, automation, life cycle, real-time, omnichannel… Use the potential of your data to activate relevant marketing campaigns.

Measure the real impact of your marketing campaigns and your return on investment by optimising the follow-up of your performances.

Go for the Test & Learn philosophy: test your operations in order to have more impact and learn from each action to perform better.

Dolist: values and people



& actions

  • Involvement in the fight against spam
  • Respect for Internet users and personal data (GDPR)
  • Customer engagement in terms of respecting good practices
  • Technology and data in France

Expertise technique

20 years of 
technical expertise

  • Routing quality, deliverability, reputation with ISPs/MSPs
  • Forerunner in reputation management with the proprietary technology OPERA (Optimum Predictive Email Reputation Activity).
  • Strong investment in R&D


A team of Digital Marketers

  • Data expertise: quality, collection, scoring
  • Omnichannel expertise: e-mail, SMS, mobility, points of sale, social networks, etc.
  • Certification: legislation, Web Analytics…
  • Monitoring of international trends

Accompagnement client

Real customer support

  • Customised follow-up with a dedicated expert in France
  • Tailor-made support (occasional, on a regular basis…)
  • Strategies related to sector and business issues
  • Responsiveness of the teams and relational approach


Dolist, member & partner of…